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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #684

From: Sandy Sinclair Olympia Washington
To: Readers of the Sinclair list
Subject: Current attitudes in America
I am unable to sit back and hear opinions expressed as fact, without responding from current research.  These are some current attitudes in America gleaned from the book STRIVING          ISBN 0970864019 a survey of a geographical sampling of attitudes and personal gems of wisdom of current USA:
We smile at, wave to, and talk with, our neighbors much more since Sept. 11th
Spouses may call home just to say, "I love you."
We take time to have meaningful conversations with our kids, more.
We know that how we confront this chapter of our history will affect, not only the US but the world.
Americans are not full of revenge, but merely determined to cut out this cancer, of world terrorism, at its source, (with the aid of British and other volunteer nations).  
We harbor no hate for the people in the nation of its temporary location.
Our selected enemy doesn't covet what we have. They fear what we have.  They fear our freedom because if their people ever embrace the freedom we take for granted, tyrannical dictatorships will cease to be.

The fight is clearly to preserve our four freedoms: The freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom from want and the freedom from fear.
  Sandy Sinclair
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