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The Newport Tower

Judy and I were in Rhode Island in October to take in New England's fall 
foliage. Of course I knew I was near a Sinclair Landmark and had to see it 
for myself. 

Our good friend, Bill Fernie at Caithness.org has posted my picture of the 
Newport Tower of Rhode Island on the front page at www.caithness.org. He also 
proposed to plug the study center at Noss Head and Andrew Sinclair's book 
"The Sword and the Grail". 

Mr. Fernie has done much to bring us the land of our grandfathers on a daily 
basis. I remember, when I first found his site, I only checked in once a 
week. One must now stop in daily to see the front page or else be left to 
search through the archives. We are lucky to have him in our little corner of 
the world. 

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis