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Louisa StClair

After reading the story,s on Louisa, i remember having corresponded with a , 
James Robb, descended through Sam & Louisa,s son , John Murray Robb .
I wrote James last night & he sent me some info relative to the discussion. 
Louisa & Sam married 1795 near Ligonier ,Pa. & lived in a large home(mansion 
if you will) called Hermitage. Living just a short distance from Ligonier & 
knowing the area well it hasn;t changed much since colonial times, consisting 
almost entirely of farms, i just don,t see much of a  privaleged life  or 
grand social setting for her there. Mr Robb informs me there are no pictures 
or paintings of her although Arthur had a few done most notably by Charles 
Wilson Peale, which hung in Independence hall for many years but now hangs in 
the National portrait gallery in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Peale also made a copy of this & it hangs in the Museum of Art in N.Y. city. 
Louisa died April 1840 & is buried in the Presbyterian cemetery in Ligonier ,