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Welcome Heather; events of last Tuesday

Hi Heather,
There are a group of Islay Sinclairs on this listserv, some of us might call ourselves addicts. My Islay Sinclairs are a family from Kilchoman with 7 brothers and a sister, who all immigrated to Ontario in the 1850s. One of the brothers is another Duncan. The mother of this clan, Marion or Sarah Sinclair, was supposedly an unrelated Sinclair (ie maiden name as well as married) from Bowmore- perhaps we are cousins? 

Re: Hello all

My name is Heather and I am related to the Sinclair name through my =
grand-father Duncan Sinclair, originally from the Oa and Bowmore =
parishes of the Isle of Islay, Scotland. =20

Cousins, While I am writing, I will share that I was in downtown DC heading toward the capitol with my husband and 8 and 9 year old daughters when we heard the news, looked over and saw the smoke from the Pentagon. Our departure, planned for Weds AM, was put off until Fri evening, and it took us 36 hrs of traveling to get home (DC to Minneapolis to Spokane to Portmanbd to Sacramento, CA- delays and cancelled flights at every stop.)  The time was so frightening for our children- my 8 year old told me that she wanted to sleep on the plane so if a bomb went off "so I would just die." It is painful not to be able to shield your children from such terrible realities. We are home safely now, and we know that so many others' suffering is unspeakable. The magnitude of loss is so heavy- it is as hard to grasp as the scale of the WTC rubble from the pictures. Family (country and the extended family that we are) regards from around the world are so appreciated.
Connie Sinclair