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Fwd: Update Fwd: by Ivan

       This is from the President of The Boone Society.  He is in Atlanta.  
He suspended our two week Internet Board of Directors Meeting on Tues.

       Thought some of you might find his information and comments of 

       I attended the Service at Noon today at the Johnson County Court House 
in Franklin, Indiana USA

       They plan to have a noon service on Weds. for the next few weeks as 
future events unfold.

       Our church had a wonderful service on Tues. evening.  Many candles.  
The reflection on the silver and brass was lovely and memorable.

       Our gas prices here are reasonable.  On Tues. there were droves of 
motorists in line to buy gas.  Bro. John and friends were afraid that they 
would not have enough diesel fuel for their upcoming tractor pulling trip.  
So, they waited in line several times on Tues. afternoon.  Fortunately their 
concern was unfounded.

       I have almost an inch of paper printed with the condolences and other 
expressions of support and concern from around the world.  Clan Sinclair 
world wide has been most supportive.

       Thanks to all who have sent messages about their concerns and what has 
been going on in their areas of the country and in other countries.

       Thanks again.

       Your Kinsman/Friend,

       Ivan D. Lancaster of Trafalgar, Indiana U.S.A.