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Yesterday's tragedy

For all of our cousins in Canada and across the world thank you for your prayers for the American people.

In the words of the Japanese Admiral who attached Pearl Harbor nearly 60 years ago, I think they have only awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with terrible resolve.

Here is a poem someone sent on another board that I am on. I think it is most appropriate now.

Hold closely today
the lost,
the touched,
the innocents,
the lookers on,

Hold closely today
the young,
the old,
the fortunate
and not,

Hold closely today
the moments shared
and those alone,
the one's you love,
the one's you've lost

Hold closely today
the one's that you call friends,
the friends you've yet to meet,
the friends you used to have,
the friends you'll never meet.

Most of all my friends,
Hold closely...today.

Karen Leiber