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Emergency No. Day 9-11 From Ivan of Trafalgar

       Dear Cousins and Friends,

       Thanks to all from around the world who have sent their condolences, 
thoughts, and prayers.

       I was not disappointed when I finally arrived at my computer this 
evening to read all the messages from the Sinclairs and others from around 
the world.  They have all been copied to be preserved.

       I was concerned about a Keaton cousin, Teresa Canter, who had been 
here recently.  I found out this morning that she left for Manhattan 
yesterday. Then later in the day I discovered that her flight last evening 
was canceled because of thunderstorms.  She was then given a choice of three 
flights this a.m. One at 6:30, one at 7:30, or one at 8:30.  She decided on 
the 8:30 flight.  The 7:30 flight got half way to New York and came back to 
Indianapolis.  Just as she was boarding the 8:30 flight, it was announced 
that it was canceled.  So, this evening I found that she is safe, here with 
her mother.  She has not been able to call anyone in N.Y., but has been in 
contact with some thru E-mail.

       In this area, there has been a run on gas stations.  Bro. John said 
that our Town Marshall had to go down to direct traffic to and from the pumps 
and that traffic was backed up for ca 3 miles north of Trafalgar.  

       Our church held a Prayer Service at 7:00 p.m. All of the candles were 
burning brightly and the brass and silver glowed in the candlelight.  The big 
candelabra was draped in black and there was a single white rose in a bud 
vase. During this service we read responsively Psalm 27: 1-6, 13-14.  
Following the service several went to the church parlor to see our President, 
Mr. George W. Bush address the nation.

       There will be a county wide memorial service at the County Court House 
at noon on Thursday. I will try to attend.

       The US Flag was at half staff at the Indiana Meth. Home today.  Tuttle 
Hill House had its faithful Flag out and the Lancaster House on Pearl Street 
has a flag displayed, too.

       I have heard two stories in the news about people going to public 
areas and waving their American Flags.

       Thanks, again, for your many expressions of concern.

       Yours Aye,

       Ivan D. (Sinclair) Lancaster