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for Ivan St Clair Tea

Maskeliya Plantations Ltd. is proud to offer some of Sri Lankas finest teas. Grown on estates located in the imbula and Uva regions, these teas are all factory fresh teas straight from the Garden! Shown here are just a few of our teas. In addition to straight garden lines we also have a blended tea as well as certified organic tea from our Koslanda Organic Tea garden.

English High Tea comes from the Tea Garden of St Clair. This is a tea, which is full in body a cup to revitalise ndeed! 

For further details please do contact us at :320/1 Union Place Colombo 02, Sri Lanka Tele: 94 1 300836/ 304695 Fax: 94 1 304167/ 304694tea@keells.com URL http://www.keells.com/jkhome/plantation/online.htm