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The Secret Scroll

Have just finished Andrew Sinclairs book, and found it
very well researched. It's clear that the Sinclairs had
a tremendous amount to do with the nurturing of Eastern 
mysticism and Gnosticsm during and after the Crusades,
in Scotland. So the thesis that Freemasonry developed
from these roots, now has more support. 

I wonder also,if the 13th-15th C Scottish Catholic church had much 
to say about the  Sinclairs, in that they appeared to toe two lines, both
Catholicism as well as Gnosticsm. Perhaps if the Church was anti-gnostic
- then this is the reason for it's going underground and then later surfacing
as Freemasonry.

One  hopes that the  family of Sinclairs' can do as much
in this millenium as they did in the last, for mankind.

Mark Anderson