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Re: I wish to contact you on the ICQ Network

    I went through the same thing trying to install ICQ. I finally found that it will not install if downloaded to the desktop.  Download  the program to your hard disk (remember the file name so you can find it again) and double click on the "set-up" file. ICQ will then set up and install itself. You will need  to make certain choices, such as screen name and how much information you want others to have about you, then you will be up and running.  I look forward to having the wee natter with you. *s*
Yours Aye,
    Tearlach Sinclair

Coqnord@cs.com wrote:

Hey, brother, I wish you would(could?0.  I got my upgrade disc from CS
yesterday and one of the little icons which appeared after I installed the
new program nnounced I could get ICQ FREE. I ran hrough the Install twice and
something went wrong and it wouldn't install and I don't even know what kind
of program it is that I can't install..
Can you ease my pain?      Ray

There's nae man sae deif as he tha' winna hear.