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Engrailed Cross

Subject: Sinclair Engrailed Cross: esoteric basis.


You asked: "On April 7, 2001 I set up a Clan Sinclair booth at the Tartan Day Celebration in Washington, D.C.  One of the visitors to the booth asked me for information about the black Sinclair engrailed cross on the white background. If anyone has information about it, could you please let me know?  I do not know why the Sinclairs use it or where it comes from and I would like to let this gentleman know more about it. Thank you very much for your kind assistance in this matter. Susan M. Grady, Virginia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A."

I don't have the historical background... sorry... but I do have a few important bits of information that may or may not be of use to your gentleman visitor. All for what its worth. In wading through the many connections in the Henry Shamir-Arms I also had to determine the Shield's function in it all: the black engrailed cross on the blue-silver field. (All this is out of my own head so I can't offer references.) My intention is not to analyze Henrys' Arms here, just to comment on the spiritual dynamics in the Sinclair cross and field design and colors. 

Henrys' Arms are also a schematic for a large earth grid involving relationships in energy and consciousness terms. This involves geometric expressions coupled with concepts around the Shamir, Serpent-Staff, and the Grail. I have found, through investigating spiritual architecture and art that the "Bethlehem Angle" provides a geometric description of Grail dynamics. Every person has his/her own version of what the Grail is and does, and that's fine, it works the way it should. For this commentary however I wish to add another line to its description: "that the Grail, as a mechanism, regenerates life (along with those systems that support life) from divine Source via the Christos formats of grace." This is what the cross is doing but I need to expand on this basic theme. (If you have further questions mail me direct.)

The first thing I had to do related to the Shield was to correct the shield's angle of tilt a few degrees to then use the Bethlehem Angle: 26.3 degrees or more exactly: 26 deg./18 min./9.7 sec. I also had to make a slight adjustment to the length of the crosses' main axis and widen the internal "grail" sectors in keeping with other versions of the cross in extant Sinclair art. But this still does not answer what your are asking ...just setting the scene. 

I have nothing to prove it but I am personally certain that the indentations or "grail cups" in the cross... which I will now refer to as "vesicas" (re the "vesica pisces": an eye-shaped thing where two circles overlap)... use the Bethlehem Angle to determine the shape of the cups (vesicas). That is, if we draw a line (major axis) across the cup we would adjust the "depth" (minor axis) of the cup by using the 26.3 degree offset from the major axis to determine the minor arm or depth. (If you wish a graphic to show this I can send one.)

The color black is a vital symbol of the Unmanifest God as the one source of life: being. In scripture (Eastern and Western) this Essence is symbolized by the Void, hollowness, Silence, Rest, Great Dark, unmoving fulcrum or "Selah" in Hebrew, the Nothing, the Unnamed God. Its where creation starts ("where" used with tongue in cheek since the Selah is no-where). To arrive "some-where" from "no-where" we use the Bethlehem Angle formats, or quite often the golden ratio formats. (I used the 2.618 golden ratio in determining the length of the cross in the shield re the width ... or .5x2.618/1... so both are being used in the crosses' proportions.)

Without getting deeply into the reasons for it, the blue-silver represents a temporal condition or "continuum" reality. Its the "some-where" we are trying to get to from the divine "no-where." The Grail is the device for doing this. This amazing function can be put in geometric terms using the Bethlehem Angle. 

The Sinclair Cross should be seen as an opening or parting of time and space but we are creating a opening which has three axes. Two are seen in the cross but there is a vertical one also, at the intersection. The six arms of the cross extend to infinity but we elect to give them specific limits using the golden ratio (phi squared or 2.618/1). Thus we are creating a "4-Square" or containment field... a sand-box to build our form in. 

The initial device for shaping Mind, Grace, a state of being is the Grail harmonic interfacing the Selah (black) and so-called "reality" of time and space. This is the first step in creation but there are others that follow. These are not in the Shield but I suppose that if a person knows the first and vital step the others are also known. 

You can blow all this off as just a weird flight of fancy but I wish to point out that the above geometry is built into the major Earth grids in Europe and America(s), the main Marian Cathedrals, Rosslyn, Montserrat basilica and other situations generated by the Templars/Masons. St. Columba also had this information and put it into earth grids in Edinburgh and across Scotland. The Sinclair Templars later moved in over his system and expanded it. A massive amount of treasure and work went into making it real. 

Blessed Be...

Bill Buehler
Minister, Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite)
CDR, USN (Ret)
Crestone, Colorado, USA