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April 25, 2001

Dear Sinclair Discussion Group:

My article, "Reader of the Stone," is in the current issue (May) of
Fortean Times.  While that issue is still on sale I must keep "mum"
about the substance of the article (or risk hurting the sales of a
magazine that was good enough to print it).  Rest assured, tho', that
when the June issue becomes available I will post a summary that you all
can follow along with.

The article is about a little-known coded inscription on a stone high
atop an ancient, ruined church in the tiny village of Temple, which was
the main headquarters of the Knights Templar in Scotland and which is
just six miles or so to the southeast of Roslin Chapel.  My translations
of that inscription, one embedded in the other, lend great support to
two widely held Templar legends, which are as follows:

1. That the Templars believed Jesus had married Mary Magdalene and had
children, thereby establishing a holy bloodline.

2. That Prince Henry Sinclair made a voyage of discovery to America
almost a century before Christopher Columbus is historically credited
with that feat.

There are in fact two other translations embedded in the inscription
which do not appear in the article, one of which I may share with you at
that time.

All Best for Now!

Jeff Nisbet

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