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Re: The "Auld Alliance" and the Royal Flag of Scotland

I think Sally is right.  The "Lion Rampant" or Royal Flag of Scotland (as it
may only be flown by the Royal Family) may be viewed at
http://www.pinette.net/chris/flags/scotland/scot2.html (most accurate as it
shows the claws and tongue in blue, often omitted) where they note "The
fleurs-de-lys are said to commemorate the long-standing alliance between
Scotland and France."  The first Lion Rampant of William I "The Lion",
1165-1214 had no such border, and the "Auld Alliance" dates to 1295(see
Scottish Section of our website). There are those who suggest that the Lion
is the "Lion of Judah", arriving as a symbol in Scotland with the stone of
destiny, continuing the line of the Royal House of David through Scota (see
Legend of Prince Gathelus in the Scottish Section of our website).

I think I remember Charlie, the senior guide at Edinburgh Castle telling us
that the Lion has three claws on the left "arm" when the monarch is a Queen,
and four for a King, but have never come across this anywhere else.

The restriction on Royal use is quite draconian.  Cumbernauld was once
advise not to fly the Royal Flag from a flagpole by the Lord Lyon using an
Act of 1679 which still carries the death penalty.  However based on a
warrant issued by George V in 1934 the Lord Lyon believes that it is
permissible to wave the Royal Flag at Rugby and Football Matches.  We keep
one at home, just for this purpose. The flag we are all allowed to fly is
the Saltire (see Scottish Section of our website).
See http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/home/scotland/saltire.html

Incidentally, neither is it permissible for private citizens of the UK to
fly the Union Flag (Saltire, St Georges Cross and St Patrick's Cross
combined). See

The first Union Flag was designed by James VI and I in 1603.  The Cross of
St Patrick came in with the Union with Ireland in 1801.

See also http://www.kwtelecom.com/heraldry/scother1.html

Yours aye



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> A follow on to Niven's comments about the French Connection.  Unless I
> am mistaken the border around the Scottish flag, the one in red and
> gold, is the bordure tressure flory counter flory is a symbol of the
> "Auld Alliance" between France and Scotland.

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