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Another answer from press representive of the bible

Title: Another answer from press representive of the bible
Re: King James.

Your question is very simple - but the answer is rather complicated!

In 1152, Henry II of England married Eleanor of Aquitaine, who brought this
kingdom into the British political orbit, and placed it under the British
monarchy.  Aquitaine occupied what is now south-western France, stretching
from the river Loire to the Pyrenees.  In time, Britain's claim to this vast
area was hotly disputed by the French.  The dispute led to the Hundred
Years' War, which was eventually settled in France's favour.  Britain hung
on to the port of Calais until 1558, when Mary Tudor surrendered it.  

>From the limited research I have been able to carry out, it seems James
retained the French  "kingship"   as a ceremonial title.   I am not sure if
he had abandoned all hope of reclaiming French territory, or whether the
title was a statement of intent on his part.  You should check biographies
of James for yourself : I am afraid I do not have the resources here,
to do that for you!
signed and sent to Myrna