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Re: Va.StClailrs

Although we are in Australia and probably only have very distant 
connections via Caithness, I am interested in the mention of Kidney 
Disease.One of my aunts died of a cancer of the kidney so I am curious to 
know what it is. Have you any names or symptoms?


>   On the kidney disease I know my Aunt Etta said when she attended a 
> St.Clair
>Reunion in Winchester VA , a while back there were many there with it. I
>guess I need to call and write her and see if I can get more out of who has
>this reuion ect. I have found that some older people are willing to share
>everything with you and a few still have the closed mouth idea. They think
>you are digging up family dirt..ha! She will share some direct things alot I
>ask she will ignore like it never was asked. She is now in her mid 80's , but
>still is doing great! So we are not only crazy but alot of them live for a
>long.. time. My aunt Etta was the first I asked for information on the
>St.Clair line I believe the Christmas of 1994, I recieved a album book she
>made into a Family Tree book for me. She had a copy of Jean Grigby's page on
>Alexander and Wayman Sr. copied in there along with some photos and
>information on my great grandfather John R. St.Clair. From there she started
>with my grandfather Grover Cleveland and alot of info on him and my
>grandmother St.Clair with photos and information on all my aunts and uncles
>on down to myself. At that time and point I thought there was no need to dig
>anymore on the St.Clair line . Boy was I shocked when I finally did .
>Learning I went to school with distant cousins and they lived right here
>around me. Now of course I am addicted , my teenage daughters laugh and say
>I'm diggin up bones and always ask me "Who died today?" since I never throw
>out the obit section now, and indeed they swear I'm crazy for taking pictures
>of St.Clair headstones. Well sorry to have bored any of the list not
>Anymore questions ?? Let me know...
>Smiles Always~

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