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VA Sinclairs

To those interested in Virginia Sinclairs - Bedford Co isn't the only VA
county.  There are at least 2 others, Surry and Gloucester. I have also
found Sinclairs in WV/VA and in NW VA in around Clarke, Warren, and
Frederick. The WV/VA ones probably came from Gen (British Army resigned)
Arthur Sinclair, who after losing 200 men and guns in an indian foray,
resigned his commission but retained in governorship of the NW
territory, and remained and evidently flourished leaving the name to
many generations that would come. There is a Captain John Sinclair who
was from Gloucester Co. There is my Arthur Sinclair of Surry Co, whose
public life began in VA as trustee of Cobham, Surry Co.  His sons went
on to be naval officers and later businessmen in VA, MD and NY.  The
ones in NW VA I am totally unfamiliar with, but intend to find more.  By
the fact that a later generation married someone named Kennon, who in
turn in previous generations had married a Bolling makes them
descendents of Pocahontas.  Sally

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