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Re: Mary Queen of Scots

"Mary was rescued from Lochleven by William Douglas the Younger,..."

The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland by "HRH Prince Michael of Albany" (The
new pretender)

"On 2 May 1568, the eighteen-year-old "Willie Douglas daringly rescued Mary
from Loch Leven Castle and the Queen joined up with a group of loyal nobles
led by Hamilton, the fifth Lord Seton and Argyll."

Scotland's Story by Tom Steel

Yours aye


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> Who was it that told me/us that 1568
> May
> Henry 3rd Lord Sinclair assists Mary Queen of Scots to escape from
> Castle?
> Please send the references on this.  I have scoured my "Mary Queen of
> by Fraser and there is no mention of any Sinclair being involved.
> Laurel

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