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Steve re.Va. StClairs

 Steve I am replying on the list because Timberly asked for the remainder of 
my family line and this kills 2 birds with one stone.  I believe I took you 
up to Meador StClair and his son John Henry who was born 3'30'1858 in Roanoke 
Va./married 6.20.1877, Fayette Co.W.Va./d.8.29.1907, Giles Co. Va. Wife Ada 
Elizabeth Phillips/b9.28.1857 Hilltop, Fayette Co Va.(now W.Va.) d/8.5.1935 
Bane, Giles Co... Va.  Children are James Meador b/3.17.1878 Fayette Co. West 
Va. D/?   Ethel Vernon b/8.8.1880 Fayette Co W.Va. M/12.28.1904 Fayette Co. 
to Charles Reese Summerfield, d/12.27.1938.  Mary Ellen StClair b/8.24.1882 
Fayette Co. W.Va. d/12.1959 Pearisburg,Va.   John Cleveland b/12.29.1884 
Ansted,FayetteCo.W.Va, m/5.27.1911 Catlettsburg,Ky. to Ethel Klibourne 
Arbogast  d/7.17.1925 Bane Va.,  Annie Kate b/1.27.1889 Giles Co.Va., 
d/10.1890 Giles Co.,  Charles Pendleton b/5.5.1891 Eggleston, Giles Co.Va.  
m/1920,Bristol,Tenn. to Minnie Stafford, d/3.19.1942 Bane, Giles Co.,  
Georgia Phillips b/11.3.1893 Eggleston Springs, Giles Co., m/8.04.1923 
Mt.Hope, Fayette Co.W.Va. to Clayton E. Jones, d/1934 Mt.Hope W.Va.,  Kenneth 
Laurence b/5.5.1896 Eggleston Giles Co.  d/6.11.1918 France,   Homer Holt 
b/4.22.1900 Bane Va. m/4.19.1929 to Phyllis Madlyn Calvert d/ ?,  Lillian 
Stewart b/8.16.1903 Fayette Co. W.Va., d/ infant.  That is the list of the 
children of my ggrandfather. Charles Pendleton is my grandfather, my mother 
is Eleanor Stuart StClair Thornhill. If anyone wants the list of her sisters 
and their info let me know I will send it off line as most will not have any 
intrest in it.  The first Alexander of ours is documented in at least two 
places but the only one I can lay my hands on at the moment is Original Scots 
Colonists Of Early America 1612-1783 by David Dobson.  The records on the 
births and marriages of his children seem to hold this up to scrutiny but one 
never knows who or what will jump out of the woodpile.  Personally I hope 
lots of you are related because I still haven't found a more interesting 
group than the members of this family close and far.  I hope I haven't 
rambled and that this is readable.  I'm technically challenged and don't know 
how to get this machine to list so we are stuck with the old plain paragraph. 
 Best to all, Charlotte Gellis 
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