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Re: The time line studies

>Much of what comes from John's calendar has been incorporated into a
>calendar that you can access at www.clansinclairusa.org  "history"   At the
>bottom of the first column you will see "Time Line"  related sections are
>color coded for better understanding.  Also there are numerous links from
>the calendar to more information.
>    There is ever so much information there so it will take a bit to

Yes, these timelines were all designed to be read online.

In particular, the timeline of


is drawn from part of the same database as is used for
the daily Sinclair Dates that appear on the front page of


(There are also other parts of the database that appear elsewhere.)

New items get added all the time.

For example, for tomorrow we have a birthday sent in by a list member.

If you've got something you think would fit in the timeline,
send it to the list and say so, or send it to me, and I'll
probably add it.  Do remember to include the specific day,
month, and year that it happened.

If you've got a longer historical feature, best to send it to
Laurel, who is handling most of the longer history material
these days.


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