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Re: My Sinclair Brickwall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Wanda,
This bit of useful information might explain Nancy's Sinclair explanation as
to where she was born. My Grandmother Sarah Jessie Sinclair was born in Old
Kilpatrick, Scotland in 1883. My mother was born there in 1911. They
emigrated to Canada about 1924 then onto Detroit, Mich.  I was born in
Detroit in 1951. Most of my mother's older sisters lived in Sarnia, Ont. We
did a lot of border crossings. Even though my mother and Grandmother had Dual
papers, they never carried them when entering Canada. They just simply and
sweatly adjuster there accents, Looked the official straight in the eye and
said, Why, were born and raised in Birmingham, Al.
They passed every time! They found it much easier then explaining their life
story and remembering to bring their papers. They also had a lot of fun.
Tom in finally sunny Florida.
Researching; Sinclair, Anderson, Keith, McArthur, Blair, Morton, Sloss and
in Renfrew, Dunbarton, Fife and Ayr.