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genetic testing

About a month ago there was some interest in the genetic testing program.
Here is some information in  the March/April National Genealogical Society
Magazine. There are two pages of information in this magazine that is
probably in most genealogy libraries across the country but I am thinking
that the website below will probably give you most of what is in the

"As of 13 February 2001, the MGRG had collected over 10,000 samples.  The
group is expecting to collect 30,000 more samples within the next 12 months.
Representatives from the group are willing to travel anywhere there is a
large group of 200+ individuals interested in participating in the
construction of the database.  A lecture can be offered whenever desired.
The MGRG (Molecular Genealogy Research Group) is planning to attend major
genealogical conferences around the world including the NGS Conference in
Portland, OR on 16-19 May 2001.  Those that attend the conference and desire
to take part in the study will need to be 18 years or older and have a
four-generation pedigree chart with them.  More information about the study
is found at
http//molecular-genealogy.byu.edu   "

This site will help you fill out the 4 generation chart and other helps on
getting a group together.

       Maybe Stone Mt. Games would be a place we could arrange for the blood

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