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Mel Sinclair & Loch Norman Games

Hi everyone,

I need Mel Sinclair to contact me off-list.  I moved and changed jobs as 
many of you know and I have lost all his personal information.

I have been contacted by the Catawba Valley Scottish Society to be an 
"exhibit" during the Loch Norman games.  The games are held at an historic 
farm, the Davidson Farm AKA Rural Hill, outside of Charlotte (April 20-22).  
I will be doing archaeology during the games and having a question and 
answer session about the farm, what we're searching for, etc.  I think all 
of you in the area should come.  These games are small but lots of fun (even 
though we nearly drowned a few years ago :).

Please anyone who corresponds with Mel, bring this to his attention in case 
he doesn't see the post.

Thanks for your help,

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