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Re: Speculative Masonry

    Sally is right about the contributions of Masons in the founding
of the United States of America.  For those that would like to learn
more about Masonry and its influence on the country, I highly
recommend the following two books.

"Revolutionary Brotherhood - Freemasonry and the Transformation of the
American Social Order, 1730 - 1840" by Steven C. Bullock  ISBN
0-8078-4750 - x

"The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital - The Masons and the
Building of Washington, D.C. " by David Ovason    ISBN 0-06-019537-1

Both books have been published in the past five years and are well

Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

Sally Spangler <esdemio@worldnet.att.net> says, in part:

We all know that George Washington was a mason. So were most of the
men who were in Washington's time and later who were leaders of our

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