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Re: Speculative Masonry

Your words and passions are dead on. To divorce masonry from the foundation
of the American Nation and Era is to do a diservice to both the founders of
this fine nation and the ideals and principles upon which America is
founded. How proud your father would be if he could read your fine words!

Now the Sinclair perspective; if I may be so bold to suggest that there is a
common perspective.... it is not about secrets but understanding. There are
no secrets when we understand something well as students progressing to
masters of a topic. Then the mysteries are revealed. It is simplle education
combined with understanding. I will add one thing however. Man is too often
evil to other men. There were secrets maintained and held for good reason
and I add with regret our Jewish bretheren have learned this for 2000 or
more years at intermittent intervals. The for-get-me-not symbol is a both a
Masonic and Jewish symbol. The current China crisis is a magnification of
the same thing with a differing value perspective. Secrets in the
information age are different, but never prevent ignorance. Perhaps what is
needed is the simple viewpoint you offer of valued traditions of a
transcultural perspective.

Sinclairs historically offered protection and compassion to different
individuals with perspectives of religion that was individual to each of
them.  I add with respect. William Sinclair demonstrated to  all that
Rosslyn is a lasting testament to this value. May we all seek to understand

One of the special talents on this list is the ability of individuals from
around the world, with differing perspectives and cultures, religious
education and  experiences; to share and appreciate one another. This is not
easy, and not usual. John Quaterman is always to be accorded the greatest
respect and accolades for being the enabler of understanding, views and
perspectives.  What is born in the bone and so on.

Beginning to understand any culture including the Sinclair culture (which is
actually forming on an global basis) is not immediate, and not automatic.

Family values matter. Clan values matter. Your father was a gentleman being
associated with morals and values. He was well educated and no matter his
place or walk in life, transmitted with respect all that was noble...
quality of character ..... somethings Sinclairs among others strive towards.
Neil Sinclair
(placed in genealogical order and place of residence last)

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