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Masons, Scroll; response to comments

Laura, Bruce:

I understand your position(s) and apologize if I sounded arrogant. I do
believe that the people I've talked with are quite well informed; for the
most part they understood about energy management, the areas of spiritual
consciousness relating to the action, telluric linkages, and the impact of
geometric form in all of this. Some are in the Clan or are close to it in
some ways. A few are highly qualified in these skills, one is an expert.

I respect the vast knowledge in the Mason's program however I'm working with
a highly specific and complex system in terms of both energetic and related
consciousness organization and function. It has several names but the
"Reshel" (Chief Head Stone of God) is the one the Templars/Masons probably
used. Anyway, it appears to be the basis of all the advanced sacred
geometric designs I've found so far, and in all the very important places.
These systems have layers of grids; the Masons know many of these but
apparently not this critical Reshel system.

I am saying that the Masons I've discussed this with have not heard of the
Reshel grid or have seen it. This also included a few of their highest
levels ...32nd degree? I have no problem in sharing anything I have with any
of them. I can email a jpg graphic to anyone wishing it as well as post/mail
a few examples re Rosslyn, Chartres, Wash. DC or whatever. So if you do have
an interest in this particular system, or your Masonic friends, I'm
completely open to discussion but off this list due to the complex nature of
the subject.

I've also done a detailed analysis of Monticello. It is said that Jefferson
was not a Mason but he certainly knew the Craft (Reshel) and I've found a
strong indication that he even built Monticello in the Mason's logo dynamic
using telluric energy lines in that design. I suspect that he learned this
skill in France since he extensively rebuilt the place after his return. His
design is technically different than the one typically used, including the
one in Washington DC, so Monticello is a unique and brilliant use of land
energies unified through its architectural base.

Regarding "history", this is a bit more complex. I work in nonlinear time;
that is, the situation where past, present and future are dynamic and one
system ...an Eternal-Now as the popular buzz word has it. Simply put: the
past is reworkable and relevant now in many realms of evolution. (This list
isn't the place to go into this so if interested address me directly.) My
simple point here is that I believe that the Reshel system is found in the
Scroll and is relevant now, linking into Sinclair and Masonic areas of
interest. (I also find these things in scripture but again that is not for
this list.)

In view of Bruces' remarks regarding openness in discussion perhaps it would
be mutually productive if I could brief some Masons on this system and its
applications in key sacred architecture and other areas. Its the kind of
thing that lends itself face-to-face in a workshop format. I suspect that Ps
118:18-24 is a key action to Masons interested in Rosslyn Chapel and I can
address that in detail and suggest a process for doing it.

Thank you for your responses: Blessings be with you and your own..

Bill Buehler

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