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Re: A Scot to the End

I have not read any of the responses to my last posting. I inadvertently
opened one but quickly closed it without reading it. Consequently, I remain
blissfully ignorant of content. I'm resigning from the list. It's getting to
be too much. All too often, the title in the subject line has nothing to do
with the message; otherwise, I could just delete what I'm not interested in.
I use my e-mail for business and can no longer afford to have one of my
addresses filled up with (okay, Johnnye, be nice) chit-chat. I have kept the
personal addresses of some of you so I won't be out of touch altogether.

I am doing research for a novel on English and Scottish history from 1650 to
1720. Occasionally, I come across an odd tid-bit about our ancestors. I will
share these with one of the individuals with whom I shall maintain contact.

Regretfully, Yours Aye,
Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt