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Re: Onalie

In response to the inquiry re the name Onalie I can add the following:

In our little community of 'Lower Economy' here in Nova Scotia we have a
neat little "Interpretation Center" for the edification of the tourists
that may pass this way.  One day 3 or 4 years ago,  I happened to stop
by there while a husband, wife and daughter were there inquiring about
Prince Henry Sinclair.  I thought that was a great coincidence since I
am a member, treasurer and  newsletter editor
of The Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America.  Their name is
Fortmiller and the ladies name  is Onnolee.  This seems to be synonymous
with Onalie.  In any case, her explanation to me regarding the name
Onnolee was that it was an Indian name that her mother liked and so

Following is her address for both summer and winter if you would like to

52 Fortmiller Onnolee House 768 Green Circle Venice FL 34285
53 Fortmiller Onnolee House 4194 Reservoir Road Geneseo NY 14454


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