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My Sinclair Brickwall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anybody tell me if they know any Sinclairs that lived in Atlanta, GA around 1880 to 1895.  I only ask because my great great grandmother, Nancy Sinclair, married my great great grandfather, Jesse Travis Brannon, and they gave birth to their first son in 1895.  I am trying to find out who Nancy Sinclair's parents were but have nothing to go on at this time.  Their youngest son is still living but he never met his grandparents and was never told who they were or any other identifying information except they were either scottish from Glascow or from Germany.  I found my grandparents in the 1900 and 1920 Census.  IN the 1900 census Nancy Sinclair reported her father was from Germany.  IN the 1920 census, she reported that her father was from Scotland.  IN both Census she reported that her mother was from North Carolina and that she her self was born in North Carolina.  Can somebody please help me over my brick wall please.