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Re: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects

Perhaps I was mistaken when I joined this group BUT I joined it for geneology
info and a bit of Scottish history and flavor. I've been out of the loop for
awhile and may be speaking out of turn BUT sometimes I catch glimpses of
"philosophy" and "politics" that don't belong here. I have often communicated
with members on other subjects too but at a private level (directly to their
personal e-mail address).

Because a lot of us get soooo much e-mail we'd appreciate only the Sinclair
stuff. My ISP allows only so much e-mail in its cache anyway. My daughter
couldn't send me a message the other day because my mailbox was full. Most of
it was "back-and-forth" non-Sinclair babble from this group. I almost removed
myself from the list.

My vote? Stick to the subject matter: Anything pertinent to the Sinclair/St.
Clair heritage. Those who wish to discuss other things can start chat groups
of their own.

'Nough said.

Johnnye Gerhardt-St. Clair