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Re: Most of the People!!

Dear Friends,

    The delight of a list such as this one is that it resembles a good
'buffet lunch' - one can wander through, take interest in what you want or
need at the time and, without prejudice, leave the rest to others or for
more studied attention later.

    The potential for good or ill with such a varied list f contributors is
enormous. Yet, despite differing backgrounds, age and cultural differences
the list unites a wide variety of people from many nations in productive
discussion. This very diversity is, of course, the great strength of the
list which adds to the family links that unite the founders of the list and
the vast majority, but not all, of the contributors. The diversity of
backgrounds, humour, open-mindedness and non-prejudicial discussion that
dominate the majority of debates are a constant source of delight and
information. Long may it last. However,while most of the people may be an
easily mis-construed term, it pays me to remember the truth of the old latin
tag - quot homines, tot setentiae - there are as many opinions as there are
people - long may that continue. Differences lead to debate, debate inspires
research and that's healthy.

Best wishes


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