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Sinclair Dates

   March 25
   1005: Kenneth III d.,
   [2]King of Scots dies.
   1306: Robert I selected, Robert the Bruce crowned at Scone as Robert I
   of Scotland by Isabel of Fife, countess of Buchan. Robert I and his
   troops continued the struggle led by [3]William Wallace against the
   forces of [4]Edward I of England. Finally, in 1328, Scotland became
   independent through the [5]Treaty of Edinburgh signed between Robert I
   and Edward III. [6]Robert I and his forces engaged in highly
   successful guerrilla tactics.
   1603: Union of Crowns, James VI of Scotland becomes also James I of
   England; he calls himself King of Great Britain.
   1699: AH in Edinburgh, Alexander Hamilton arrives in Edinburgh.
   1700: Darien addresses King, In London, four members of the
   Council-General of the Company present an Address to the King. He
   tells them he has said all there is to say on the matter of the
   Company's grievances.
   1947: Norman 18th Earl of Caithness d.,


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