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Heraldry question

My Sinclair ancestor was Arthur Sinclair. According to the genealogy I
have for him, his home was in Scalloway, Shetland.  He was a ship owner
and captain between Scotland and Virginia.  I find he had two different
ships.  He also sealed his correspondence with his "coat of arms", yeah,
that's not the right name, anyway, I have a description of it and I many
years ago saw a copy in a book in the Library of Congress. I now have a
CD on heraldry, among the books in "The General Armory of England,
Scotland, Ireland and Wales". This book has the Sinclair arms and crest,
Baron Sincalir (St Clair), Quarterly first and fourth, az a ship at
anchor, her oars erect at saltire, within a double tressure flory,
counter flory or for Orkney; second and third, az a ship under sail or
for Caithness, over all an escucheon or charged with a cross engrailed
sa for Sinclair.  Crest - a swan ar ducally gorged and chained or.
Supporters, two gryphons ppr armed and beaked or.  Motto: Fight
I understand that the only person able to use this particular "coat of
arms", is the person himself. That his sons would have theirs
differentiated - Yes?
I understand, that under the clan system, those of his clan would be
able to wear the crest shown within a belted circle with the buckle on
the bottom and the end of the belt shown tied - Yes?
Would it therefore follow, that Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway, who
settled at Cobham, Surry County, VA Was Baron Sinclair?
Mr. Arthur Sinclair on Betsy - Bristol to VA, 28 Aug 1752; 26 Feb 1755;
29 Mar, 14 Jun, 5 Jul 1756 in each case carrying passengers
Exportations skins and furs from Rappahannock District:  25 Oct 1764-25
Apr 1769 (Note from William & Mary 2W(2)196) Appointed trustee town of
Cobham, 1784 (source State Papers of the Commonwealth, p 57) (from my
The reason for all this is an oil painting of Captain Arthur Sinclair,
his son who was at the Battle of the Lakes, War of 1812.  Sometimes, I
feel I am chasing a ghost. This man's painting has been in my memory
since I was a small child.
Sally esdemio@att.net

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