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Roslin (Rosslyn)

In answer to Antonia Goodland-Clark:

    I was quite shocked to see the message that no one had responded to
your query since, as I beelieve, many, many members of this group are
aware of the explanation. They, perhaps, thought the same as I - many
others will give the explanation so why should I clutter up the message

    Any how, Roslin and Rosslyn seem to be the same name spelt
differently.  Frederick Pohl's book, Prince Henry Sinclair, describes it
this way:

          A 'ross' is a promontory or peninsula and a 'lynn' is a pool
or waterfall; he refers to the St. Clair castle as 'Roslin Castle' and
to the St. Chapel as 'Rosslyn Chapel';  the nearby village is entitled

    I know not who or why or how the names became appended in this way,
but that now seems to be the common usage for the two spellings.

As I send this, I expect to see many others doing likwise.

Neil St. Clair

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