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The point

The point simply put is to know the value of a coin you must know both
sides. If we wish to bath in the reflected glory of our forebears we must
also wallow in their mud.  The glory of our ancestors are theirs alone.
There is no corruption of the blood. Stories of days of glory must be read
together with a candid light of historical facts and events.

The date involved is before the first recorded grant to a Sinclair in
Scotland.(1096 AD). http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/timeline.html-ssi  If you
check the timeline at http://www.mids.org/sinclair/timeline.html you will
find the claim that Sinclairs were awarded land in dreaded old England. A
further reference is our hereditary Chief's, The Right Honourable Earl of
Caithness claim at http://www.clansinclair.org/hist11.htm that 9 Sinclairs
were awarded battle honours at Hastings. Battle honours meant lands and
titles. See also http://www.clansinclairusa.org/0_Home_Page.htm

You speak, I think,  of Prince Henry noted for his goodwill and fair
dealings.that matter is undisputed.

``Regrettably, Sinclairs know very little about their own history although,
in Prince Henry Sinclair, they had one of the greatest men of the 14th
Century or, for that matter, of any other Century." Niven Sinclair wrote
with justifiably certainty

However have you forgotten George Sinclair, the 5th Earl who starved his son
, William to death in the dungeon of Grinigoe?

The battlefield involved, fighting for "freedom" was a peaceful English
village Bury St Edmonds . The oppressing English numbered among them,
English Sinclairs, there are many English men who to this day wear the name
Sinclair with pride.

Niven Sinclair wrote on 9 June 1999 "In our preoccupation with all things
Scottish, we often forget the Sinclairs of England who within three
generations of the Conquest, were to be found in 43 English counties and in

The Sinclairs of Norfolk are mentioned in the Great Roll of the Pipe
1189-1190 when a Ricardo de St Clair is recorded as being in possession of
the lands of Marlingford, Norfolk."

We do not have ghost in our closet we have a whole graveyard.

Much earlier I had written "The facts or myths of our ancestors, be they
real or assumed ancestors are only a guide a guide to our hopes and
aspirations as a family."

I am not a Sinclair descendant. I am a Sinclair!


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