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Re: Onward Christian Soliders

The more things change the more they remain the same.

They were not renegade Crusaders. They were simply  Crusaders What the
Crusaders inflicted on Moslem, Jew and Moor have shattered the Ten
Commandants Without strife the progress of man seems slow and a bit dull. In
Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder
and bloodshed but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the
Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love and five hundred years
of democracy and peace and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.

A few days ago it was the date of the My Lai massacre.  The chief judicial
officer of the United States was incensed at the verdict of murder against
Lt Calley and the sentence of life imprisonment commuted it. He pardoned it
No shadow of a doubt  remains that the massacre at My Lai was an atrocity,
barbaric in execution. Yet almost as chilling to  is the character of the
perpetrators. The deed was not performed by patently demented men. Instead,
according to the ample testimony of their friends and relatives, the men
who swept through My Lai were  depressingly normal Americans. They  wee
decent church going men at home.  Yet these  men in American uniforms
slaughtered the civilians of My Lai.  Much as the  Crusaders armed with the
blessing of Pope and king butchered innocents in Europe and the Holy Land.

We rewarded Crusaders with lands titles and emoluments for their atrocities.
We hung Nazis for theirs. I suppose the judge of history is who writes it.
Rarely do the losers get a forum.

As well as heroes this family took part in murder, looting, pillaging and
rape. Whilst the name Sinclair illuminates history books dark clouds shade
some pages.

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>A revealing book to read on this subject is "In the Year 1096" by Robert
>ISBN 0 8276 0575 7
>   It chronicles the attacks of renegade Crusaders who decided that
>attacking Rhineland Jews  was easier than going to Jerusalem.  Here is a
>sample story:
>The unrully Crusaders led by Count Emicho attacked Mainz on May 25, 1096.
>The city had closed its gates and the Jews had sought shelter in the
>Archbishop's fortified walls also.  They were presented with the
>to death--conversion.
>    Many of the Jews awaited their fate of death without flinching or
>fleeing.  They passivly and with love accepted upon themselves  God's
>judgment.   Rabbi Isaac ben R. Moses stretched out his neck and they cut
>his head immediately.
>Others chose to aid God's plan by piercing themselves with knives and the
>rest stood and slaughtered each other.
>Those Jews who decided not to engage in these acts fled to the Archbishop's
>chambers. But these quarters were overrun by the Crusaders and they were
>spared even in this place.  They would not submit to baptism.  Sad stories
>are told of Jewish mother's "sacrificing their children" before the
>Crusaders arrived.
>I believe I read somewhere, not going to spend all night searching for
>it--that King Edward I had confiscated the property of Jews and when that
>money was gone he began to take the property of other nationalities,
>Italians--etc.    After that Philip the Fair did likewise.  Both were in
>debt to the Templars.  These two kings owed a lot of money because of their
>constant waring with each other and their neighbors.
>In "Crusades" by Jones & Ereira  ISBN 0-8160-3275-0
>We learn that the Jews that refused to leave Jerusalem at the approach of
>the Crusaders took refuge in a synagogue.  The Crusaders burned the whole
>thing down with them in it.   They also destroyed the tomb of David.  (was
>this a mistake or was there some significance to this?)
>Subject: Re: Onward Christian Soliders
>> 16 March 1190  The feast of Shabbat ha-Gadol, Jewish communities existed
>> England during the middle ages, but their survival was often threatened.
>> King Henry II protected England's Jews, from whom he received financial
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