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Hi to all:
  A question ....I was at the clan Sinclair website looking at The Earls of Caithness chart and noted this line.
"As you follow the line of the Earls of Caithness, you will begin to find where several Earls left no legitimate male heirs"
with the word "legitimate" underlined.
So my question is what is known of the illegitamate children??
 I am currently following a trail of my own Sinclairs (of Orkney) a predominant family name is Richard Sinclair....I have found this name predominant in every  generation and then lost the trail, finding no more in Orkney.   Where the trail ends in Orkney I find more Richard Sinclairs in Caithness and I find the name associated with the Earls lines.   At this point this is simply a curiosity however as I have a connection to every Richard SInclair in Orkney from 1750 to 1874 and the name disapears from Orkney prior to 1750 ,  but is established in Caithness (Along with some of my Orkney SInclairs marrying Sinclairs of Caithness) I felt perhaps taking a chance at asking a silly question may yeild some clues.
Any Ideas?
BC Canada