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who am i?

To anyone out there,
    My name is Darian Sinclair. I am a young man of 25 years. My father is Ronald E. Sinclair. His father was named Harold and his mother was Justine. Along with my father they also had my father's sister Vera and brother, Bill who died of MD almost 20 years ago
    My father has little recolection of my grandfather since his parents divorced when he was in the second grade.  He died in Florida in 1962. There don't seem to be to many memories of my grandfather and zero good ones. I am new to the geneology game and could use some tutoring. There are some interesting people in this discussion group and at the least I may have found people to share  my thirst for knowledge of biblical and masonic history with. I don't know much, but, I do know that the search for truth is God's calling on my life.