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Ark of the Covenant

This is Sally - some thought on the Ark of the Covenant.  The original
Ark would have to have been portable. Maybe put on the back of a camel.
The Arabs, bedouins of as late as 1914, had an ark of "The Covenant"
that was carried on a camel and used in their religious observance.  It
was also used to rally the fighting men in a battle against their
enemies. The photograph of this ark is a huge platform of poles (double
the size of the camel carrying it) decked out in ostrich feathers and
covered with a cloth or clothes. My source is Carl R. Raswan's book,
"Drinkers of the Wind", published by Creative Age Press, NY 1942.  Mr.
Raswan wrote two books about his search for the perfect Arabian horse.
The other was "Black Tents of Arabia" published by Little, Brown and
Company, before 1942.

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