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RE: Prince & the Grail on Vision Friday Night (tonight)

Greetings all...

I guess I should add a word of cautionary background about television
documentaries generally, especially since I just caught the tail end of a
doc on The Learning Channel regarding The Ark...they traced it to Ethaeopia
and then claimed it's not there...then they went to Rosslyn and had Templars
NOT comment on whether or not they possessed the Ark. The Doc claimed that
the Chapel was "Templar built", "Templar owned" and that the Templars won't
let anyone excavate under the chapel...the word Sinclair was never uttered.

When I mentioned that Bob spent five years making this project I mean it.
The script for this project was set in stone almost three full years ago in
order to plan, budget and complete the filming, editing, animations,
narrations, etc and then get an air date ( at least a year and a half late).
This was the basis of Tim's main criticisms, especially considering how this
topic advances month to month.

Of course, one of the recent key issues is the impossibility of the date of
Henry's arrival in Nova Scotia which we have all long quoted as 1398.
Unfortunately, Manor records indicate that Henry was kicking around home all
that year. This throws off the corroboration with the Zeno narrative. I
understand Tim is working on this issue. Bob says 1398.

An average 1 hour documentary script would add up to about 10 - 20 pages of
an average book so they must deal in generalities. Also, they must make it
interesting enough to draw ratings (or even sell the project in the first
place) so sometimes they stress things that are not important or are pure
conjecture...and present them as fact with absolutely no sources or

Interviews contain whatever the person says, with their Title as their
credibility, and most of the time, with no balanced or dissenting view

	Someone once posited that the Broadcasters would ensure quality and
veracity...Not...they don't ever check for these, leaving it up to the
producer, and trusting the producer to do so...when a broadcaster watches a
finished product they just want to know if it looks good enough to air, and
will air it anyway, especially if they already paid for it three years

	When watching any TV on this subject, remember you are watching
entertainment, not news....but then again you're all media savvy now from
watching CNN's election coverage...

	be well and enjoy the show,
			occasional tv (but not doc) producer

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