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Prince & the Grail on Vision Friday Night (tonight)

Greetings all

	Bob Hutt's Long awaited documentary about Prince Henry, The Prince and the
Grail, airs tonight, Friday March 9th at 9:30 (on Canada's east coast at
least) on Vision Television. Niven has already given it his 2 thumbs up,
while Tim WM has played Siskel to Niven's Ebert by giving it two thumbs
down...and then a hearty kick in the ribs...:) (Please, no offense, Tim...)

	I have no opinion...I had a copy, but surrendered it to Niven September
past so I can't make specific references...

	It's been almost five years in the making, so please judge for
yourselves...copies should be available from Vision...

	If you're not Canadian and can't see the show:

				neener, neener....:)

			be well all,

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