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Did you know?

There is a very large and beautiful photo of Girnigoe Castle for the month
of August on The Scotsman 2001 Calendar.   Good publicity.  Good work Niven
and crew!

The Scottish Banner newspaper is the largest Scottish newspaper in the world
outside Scotland and each issue is full of interesting things.
This is of particular interest to us:
There is a new book "In Pursuit of William Wallace" by  Craufuird C. Loudon
It emphasizes more the social and spiritual character as described by
Chronicler, John of Fordun who d. 1384.
Some 9 years after Wallace died, our Bishop of Dunkeld, William Sinclair
commissioned John Arnold Blair to write down all he knew about Wallace.
This information would be used to petition the Pope for Canonisation of Sir
William Wallace.   But because of the rurmoil existing with the papacy at
that time, this petition got lost.   The writer says that "there is
unfinished business for the Church to deal with in the name of William
Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld, 1309-1336)

Note: Bishop William "the fighting Bishop" was the brother of Henry the 7th
Baron of Rosslyn who led the Templar Cavalry unit at Bannockburn and was the
g. grandfather of Prince Henry St. Clair.


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