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Re: Following the Ark of the Covenant

Dear Rory, Katherine and all,

While I am very skeptical, my imagination of such a possibility was already
triggered after reading:
The Labyrinth of the Grail by William F. Mann
Grail Knights of North America by Michael Bradley
Holy Grail Across The Atlantic by Michael Bradley with Deanna Theilmann-Bean
and the past 25 years of reading about Joseph Smith/Mormons (origins) and
their historical connection with American Freemasonry.  (I will not take the
time to list these books and sources for the moment.)

Could it be possible that Joseph Smith and others dug up golden treasures
from an area in the state New York in 1825 which the Knights Templar brought
from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to North America hundreds of years ago?
Did he actually discover the Urim and Thummin - breastplates and/or the Ark
of the Covenant from Old Testament times?

"The opinion now almost universally accepted is that the Jewish lawgiver
borrowed this, as he did the Ark, the Brazen Serpent, and many other of the
symbols of his theocracy, from the usages so familiar to him of the Egyptian
Priests, with which both he and Aaron were familiar, eliminating, of course,
from them their previous heathen allusion and giving them a purer
signification." - quoting from Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry page
1072 under the subject heading, "Urim and Thummin".

Now consider the "art work" on the "Kirkwall Scroll" from the video and book
entitled, "The Secret Scroll" which show these very same symbols, ie. the
Ark, the Brazen Serpent wrap around a cross, etc.

Sounds pretty fantastic.  Still there might be a untold story here.  The
times, places, people involved, things, and stories/legends do show a
remarkable pattern.

So I will buy the book, too!

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Subject: Re: Following the Ark of the Covenant

> Dear Katherine:
> I second and third and fourth your remarks.
> Our story is a wild and woolly one and it has so much going for it that it
> does not need the highly speculative things to be taken on board whole
> without some critical thinking.  All that appears between book covers is
> not, by that fact, true.
> On the other hand nugget hunting is fun.
> There is no intrinsic problem with getting excited over mummies in Utah
> there is a problem if we make it true for us and later find it faked.
> those who want to discard the rest of our story are given serious
> to shoot us out of the sky as a bunch of gullible self-servers who make
> history what they want it to be rather than what it is.
> Caution is definitely warranted but I too will no doubt find the book and
> put it my collection.
> Rory
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> From: Katherine Kurtz <kkurtz@iol.ie>
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> Date: Thursday, March 01, 2001 1:10 PM
> Subject: Following the Ark of the Covenant
> >Dear Sinclairs,
> >
> >Just a note of caution re the following book mentioned in a recent
> >post:
> >
> >'Following the Ark of The Covenant'-The Treasure of God
> >> by Kerry Ross Boren ( assisted Alex Haley with research on his books
> >ROOTS and QUEEN ) and Lisa Lee Boren
> >> published by Bonneville Books and distributed by CFI ( Cedar Fort ,
> >Incorporated)
> >> ISBN: 2-55517-459-0
> >> The book has genealogies of the Sinclair's. Has articles about the
> >Knights Templars, The Rosslyn Sinclairs, The Gunn family. It also has
> >references to a Sinclair connection to Joseph Smith the
> >founder/Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and
> >his ancestors
> >> The most fascinating discovery is that of Brewers Cave in Utah,
> >where there was discovered a Templar Knight mummified- The book states
> >that the mummy is thought to be of the Gunn/Sinclair clan ! ! ! !
> >
> >I've not seen this book--though, as some one profoundly interested
> >both in Templars and Sinclairs, I would love for it to be true--but
> >readers perhaps should exercise a bit of caution on this one.  I know
> >nothing about the authors, Boren and Boren, but the fact that he
> >assisted Haley in his Roots and Queen research is not necessarily a
> >strong credential.  As I recall, Haley later admitted that much of at
> >least Roots was totally invented, not fact at all.  As for an LDS
> >connection, well....it <could> be true, though I would be extremely
> >dubious about a Templar mummy in Utah.  (This would put Europeans all
> >the way across North America a good two centuries earlier than anyone
> >thinks--which <could> be true, but....)
> >
> >But like many folk, I will probably buy the book, if I can find it,
> >just to see what the authors have to say.  Most books of this sort
> >will contain at least one or two true nuggets.... ;-)
> >
> >Katherine D.T. Kurtz
> >(The D.T. stands for Doubting Thomas)
> >
> >
> >
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