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Following the Ark of the Covenant

Dear Sinclairs,

Just a note of caution re the following book mentioned in a recent

'Following the Ark of The Covenant'-The Treasure of God
> by Kerry Ross Boren ( assisted Alex Haley with research on his books
ROOTS and QUEEN ) and Lisa Lee Boren
> published by Bonneville Books and distributed by CFI ( Cedar Fort ,
> ISBN: 2-55517-459-0
> The book has genealogies of the Sinclair's. Has articles about the
Knights Templars, The Rosslyn Sinclairs, The Gunn family. It also has
references to a Sinclair connection to Joseph Smith the
founder/Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and
his ancestors
> The most fascinating discovery is that of Brewers Cave in Utah,
where there was discovered a Templar Knight mummified- The book states
that the mummy is thought to be of the Gunn/Sinclair clan ! ! ! !

I've not seen this book--though, as some one profoundly interested
both in Templars and Sinclairs, I would love for it to be true--but
readers perhaps should exercise a bit of caution on this one.  I know
nothing about the authors, Boren and Boren, but the fact that he
assisted Haley in his Roots and Queen research is not necessarily a
strong credential.  As I recall, Haley later admitted that much of at
least Roots was totally invented, not fact at all.  As for an LDS
connection, well....it <could> be true, though I would be extremely
dubious about a Templar mummy in Utah.  (This would put Europeans all
the way across North America a good two centuries earlier than anyone
thinks--which <could> be true, but....)

But like many folk, I will probably buy the book, if I can find it,
just to see what the authors have to say.  Most books of this sort
will contain at least one or two true nuggets.... ;-)

Katherine D.T. Kurtz
(The D.T. stands for Doubting Thomas)

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