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New Publication

Dear Sinclair Discussion List members
I am writing regarding a publication I have found concerning the Sinclair's.
I have made it my hobby to obtaining and researching for books concerning the Sinclair family and sent lists of my discoveries before they were on the publications lists a few times but have never got a reply. I am hoping you will be the right contact.
I am a member of the Clan Sinclair Society. I have the book 'Following the Ark of The Covenant'-The Treasure of God
by Kerry Ross Boren ( assisted Alex Haley with research on his books ROOTS and QUEEN ) and Lisa Lee Boren
published by Bonneville Books and distributed by CFI ( Cedar Fort , Incorporated)
ISBN: 2-55517-459-0
The book has genealogies of the Sinclair's. Has articles about the Knights Templars, The Rosslyn Sinclairs, The Gunn family. It also has references to a Sinclair connection to Joseph Smith the founder/Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and his ancestors
The most fascinating discovery is that of Brewers Cave in Utah, where there was discovered a Templar Knight mummified- The book states that the mummy is thought to be of the Gunn/Sinclair clan ! ! ! !
I have a job to put the book down to write this e-mail !
I searched Amazon.com Barnes and Noble and Wal*mart to purchase this book the cheapest copy and freight cost is at www.walmart.com item # 1555174930 $17.95 + $3.47 shipping
I have every book in the Sinclair clan publications list and more but this is the most interesting in my mind. I want to let other clan members know that it is available
If you are aware of anyone to forward this book info on it's a must!
thank you for reading this e-mail
Your cousin,

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