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Re: Where is Stirkoke?

>It's often strange to me the little bits of trivia that I can attach to
>and say "I know the answer to that one!!"  The Tarzan movie your
>referring to is based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, in which
>Tarzan is referred to as Lord of Greystoke. Often referred to my my
>mother in law, Christle Burroughs Vaughn as "Uncle Edgar" which does
>rather drive me batty, Edgar is a cousin in her father's lineage.

Curiously enough, right next to Stirkoke House in the map Iain Laird posted


is a place called Greystones.  Hm.  Did E.R. Burroughs run together the two
names Greystones and Stirkoke together to produce Greystoke?

However, there is a Greystoke Castle in Penrith, Cumbria, England.
That's not in Scotland, but at one time Cumbria was in Scotland,
and perhaps ERB took a few liberties with the location.


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