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Sinclair's Club

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new website to the Sinclair
stable.  www.sinclairsclub.net is the domain of Sinclair's Club, the 6 life
members of the Pillarguri Committee, and the whole committee of  Sel Kommune
in Norway, home of the Pillarguri Days, which commemorates the "Scottish
Battle" of 1612.  I am the Clan Representative on the Committee.  We have
published there our account of the Pillarguri Festival of 2000, and this is
where details will appear on the web of the 2001 Festival, already under
preparation.  I know there are one or two Clansfolk out there who are
already planning to attend this year, and this is where to find details.  If
you have not yet made plans for August, Otta is the place for Sinclairs to

BT have reduced the web space available on their sites, so I have moved all
our Pillarguri material to the new site.  There is still quite a lot on
"Iain Laird's Family History Project" which I have reorganised a little -
still on BT's server, but with a "speedname" below.

Yours aye



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