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Sinclair Dates

   February 26
   In 747 B.C.: Era of Nabonassar, The basis of calculations of Ptolemy.
   In 1571: Rosslyn Chapel seized in Reformation, prebendaries resigned
   because of the endowments being taken by 'force and violence' into
   secular hands [2]as the effects of the Reformation took hold.
   In 1696: Scottish Subscription Book, The Company opens a Subscription
   Book in Edinburgh. Proposed capital for Scotland to be 400,000. A
   rush to take up stock.
   In 1920: Susan Evalyn Sinclair d., at Valdosta, Georgia


   1. http://www.mids.org/sinclair/timeline.html
   2. http://www.rosslynchapel.org.uk/
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