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Re: Money Pit in Indian Oceon

Like to sit down with you over a dram of Old Paultney single malt and tell
you some spine tingling stories about the pinewood derbies I officiated in
Cub Scouts.  Help Jon Bonet's parents publicity agent and his kid with their
pinewood derby; better and more accurate to say that I made it for them.


PS:  Did I tell you that Pete Cumming's son  provided me with all of  Pete's
computer files so that I could publish a memorial book in his honor.  I am
working on it, but what amazes me is the amount of material Pete assembled.
I could never do it in two life times.  I have yet to figure how am going to
approach this project; it has take on a life much larger than I figured.  My
initial plan was to make an anthology of all of Pete's little brochures that
you will find at Clan Sinclair tents.  I will complete that job soon, but
where I go with the rest of the material; I do not know at this time.  I
will consult with you and keep you posted as to my progress and what the
files contain.  For the moment, anyway, would you share this little secret
with Linc Cummings, Pete's children and me?  Until I get my thoughts
together I do not wish to make anything public that may obligate me beyond
my ability to handle.  I will keep in touch with you on this project.


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