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Re: new subscriber

Hello new subscriber,  Not sure of your name?

   Yes, we are all cousins descended from these two sons of Malgar Count of
Mortain and Corbuel.   Malgar had 4 sons: Hamo/Hamon, Walderne, William (the
Warling) and Hubert Count of Rye.  Hamon and Walderne were killed at the
Battle of Val-es-dunes in 1047 by the forces supporting the young Duke
William (the Bastard).  The titles and lands then went to William who
probably not expecting to share in any of the family benefits had been in
Apulia and acquired his nickname there.  But now with his new unexpected
inheritance, and full of himself, he launched a smear campaign on Duke
William's ancestry with the intent of convincing the gentry that  his legal
ancestry made him more fit for leadership.  (that's one theory--I suspect
that many of the gentry had a checkered parentage but the Warling's
reputation may have given them the leader they needed to pull themselves
into one cohesive force against the Duke and they didn't care at all about
parentage).  However, the Duke had enough of the Warling, stripped him of
lands and title and bestowed them on the Duke's 1/2 brother Robert, who
henceforth was known as Robert of Mortain.  The Warling left France.  About
20 years later his daughter, Eremberga (funny she had a Norse and not a
Norman name)  married Roger I of Sicily.
     Some authors have listed Walderne among the army at Hastings and then
granted land by King William in England but you see that would be
impossible.  There is speculation that Hubert who saved the young Duke's
life when rebels were pursuing him and  was long time supporter of his and
was his "ambassador" to King Edward the Confessor, might have been from a
second marriage or even a natural child of Mauger's without any hope of
inheriting the title so early aligned himself with the Duke because he had
nothing to loose.  This we may never know.  The other 3 sons were mothered
by an aunt (maybe  natural) of Duke William who married her cousin,
Walderne. This made at least these 3 boys the first cousins of Duke William.
There was a sister Agnes  also that married a Bruce.

Have you found the clan Sinclair website?  www.clansinclairusa.org
There is yet little or no information on the descendants of Hubert but
perhaps you will have some things to share with us to fill in this gap.
Leonard Morrison's "History of the Sinclair Family" gives a few generations
of Huberts but does have Mauger as Archbishop of Rouen when it was really
his nephew Mauger the Younger that was Archbishop at that time.  (Now there
is a potential for this to be changed but I just can't see at the present
time how this can be true.  Waiting for more information on this confusion)
Historian Clan Sinclair USA

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> Hello, this is just an introductory note. I understand from
> my research that I may be related to the Sinclair Family, originally
> the de Sancto Claro family in Normandy. I come from the Rye
> family, Norfolk branch. According to Thomas Sinclair, author of
> 'The Sinclairs of England', Walter or Walderne, 1st earl of
> St. Clair, had a brother Hubert de Sancto Claro, who had a son
> Eudo Dapifer, originator of the Norfolk Ryes.
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