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Re: Sinclair family webiste

Dear Oliver,
    I am at a loss.  I did a search of all my website and didn't come up
with a Marre.  There was the Earl of Mar and here are some items about this
title.  These titles didn't necessarily stay with a family if the family
died out or were unpopular with the king and so he gave the title to someone
else in another line???

Do you think that Marre could have been Moray?  It could have been
pronounced and spelled that way?

Sir William Douglas was the son of Archibald, Earl of Douglas and Lord of
Galloway. His daughter, Egidia or Algidia (sometimes referred to as Giles
Douglas) married Henry St Clair, the son of Prince Henry St Clair, in 1387.
With this marriage he was granted lands which had previously been the
stronghold of the Douglases in cluding the Lordship of Nithsdale, which,
during the 'reign' of Earl William St Clair, the son of the above Egidia and
Henry, gave rise to some problems between the Douglases and the Sinclairs -
in asmuch as the Sinclairs would not allow Archibald III, 5th Earl of
Douglas to pass to Edinburgh through Sinclair ground which, at the material
time, meant that he could not reach Edinburgh. The dispute arose because the
Sinclair claimed the 'rentals' of Nithsdale, Galloway and Anandale.

Notwithstanding, these later difficulties Earl William St Clair married his
cousin, Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Archibald II, Earl of Douglas, Duke
of Touraine and Marshall of France.
Elizabeth had previously been married twice.  Firstly, to John Stuart, Earl
of Buchan and Constable of France, the son of the Regent Albany.  By him,
she had a daughter, Margaret, who married George, 2nd Lord Seton.  Her
second marriage was to another Stuart (or Stewart) named Thomas, a natural
son  of Alexander, Earl of Mar and the Earl of Garioch.

Allan Stuart (?) Earl of Caithness, died 1431 in a battle with King James
I's troops.  Allan was with Alexander, Earl of Mar when he died.  The Kings
troops were almost annihilated at Castle of Inverlochy near Fort William.
The Earl of Mar was related to the illegitimate son of Alexander, Earl of
Buchan, the fourth son of King Robert II.

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> Hello,
> I was searching for information about my family history and came across
> these two names on your 'Sinclair' website (see below). I wonder if you
> could tell me if you know who they were, what happened to the family (only
> these two generations have Marre as its surname), or where I can find out.
> The internet, apart from your site, has very little info about the family,
> and I'd be really grateful. Thanks so much.
> Kind regards,
> Oliver Marre
> Earl of Mar Marre
> b. 1160
> Margaret Marre
> b. 1190
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